China Claims Canadian Diplomat Michael Kovrig is “Stealing State Secrets”

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] The China and Canada feud continues, China has now come after former Canada diplomat Michael Kovrig accusing him of “stealing state secrets.” This comes along with the tenuous situation in which Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou is in Canadian custody and the US is determined to extradite her.

US News reports that China’s claim begins with the two Canadians that they had detained Monday, who they said were working together for supposed international espionage, something China says is carried out through Kovrig. Recently, unidentified Chinese authorities are tagging the supposed espionage to Kovrig, who China believes is in violation of Chinese laws “by acting as a spy and stealing state secrets and intelligence.”

Furthermore, China says Kovrig was not alone in this endeavor, as it also tags Canadian businessman Michael Spavor in the alleged crime, even as this has only been the first time that the two had been linked.

The agency that had first ran the news, Xinhua News Agency, failed to specify who these unidentified Chinese authorities had been, but the same news was also reported on the official news blog of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, one that is known to be owned by the ruling Communist Party.

Speaking on Canada’s defense, president of the International Crisis Group Rob Malley simply dismissed the allegations for being nothing other than false.

"Michael worked transparently and openly, keeping Chinese authorities informed of what he did and of his mandate: to advise all parties, Beijing included, on steps they could take to resolve and prevent deadly conflict around the world," Malley said.

Malley also added that the detention of Kovrig seems to be convenient with the fact that Kovrig was Canadian. Although Malley still hopes that China “will do the right thing and release him so that he can be reunited with his family.”

캐나다 前 외교관 마이클 코브릭, 중국 국가기밀 몰래 보다 기소당해

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 캐나다 전직 외교관인 마이클 코브릭이 간첩 혐의로 정식 체포당했다.

중국 외교부 루캉 대변인은 코브릭이 중국 국가기밀과 정보를 탐지한 혐의로 법에 따라 구속조사를 받고 있다고 전했다.

이에 캐나다 외무부는 성명을 내고 중국을 강력히 비판하며 코브릭의 즉각 석방을 요구한 것으로 밝혀졌다.

이번 사건으로 인해 중국과 캐나다의 외교마찰이 확대될 전망이다.

[저작권자ⓒ 스페셜경제. 무단전재-재배포 금지]

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