Soutphommasane on Australia's Worsening ‘Race Politics’
Soutphommasane on Australia's Worsening ‘Race Politics’
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[Photo source : Wikimedia Commons]
[Photo source : Wikimedia Commons]

[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim]Following his exit from office this month after a five year term, Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr. Tim Soutphommasane has outlined troubling things about the comeback of race politics in Australian politics.

In his last public address on Wednesday, Dr. Soutphommasane shed light on the subject of ‘race politics’ in which he notes that though Australia’s culturally diverse climate brings with it a rich collection of non-European and Indigenous backgrounds, only 5 percent of that demographic can make it to a senior position in the government.

As reported by The New York Times, the public address of Dr. Soutphommasane comes after he himself has experienced racially offensive behaviors while in office, propagated mainly by a conservative elite.

Dr. Soutphommasane, also being part of a report that founded the country’s failure to utilize its strong multicultural populace, argued that not only is racial politics spelling doom for a country that needs its citizens’ needs to be met but it also fosters unhealthy paranoia towards another Australian ally, accusing China of silently invading the country.

Media representation and reporting of these issues also affect the proliferation of race politics since some media outlets have reportedly put out news with racially discriminative undertones in order to attract more readers.

Andrew Bolt for the News Corporation, a conservative commentator, even went so far as to claim that immigrants in the country only continue to erode the country’s national identity.

Dr. Soutphommasane, who grew up in Fairfield, a Sydney area considered to be a melting pot of immigrants, says these misleading reports and assumptions about non-European races spring from a lack of understanding of how these neighborhoods are truly like.

When in reality, these neighborhoods raise some of the most high achieving individuals. Finally, Dr. Soutphommasane also talked about more people would rather sideline a racist act rather than calling it out for what it is.

호주 내 인종차별 및 반중 감정 확산

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자]호주에서 법적으로 금지된 인종 차별성 발언 행위가 대담해지는 양상이다. 최근 호주인권위원회 인종차별분과위원회 팀 수포마산 위원장은 악의적인 포스터 등 극단적인 인종차별주의가 대담해지고 있다고 밝혔다.

호주 의회가 중국의 내정간섭을 막고자 법안을 심의하는 보고서를 작성, 이에 중국 정부는 냉전적 사고라며 인종차별 조장 행위라고 비판한 바 있다.

중국의 호주 내 영향력 확대를 둘러싼 양국 갈등이 심화되고 있다. 현재 호주에서는 중국이 자금력을 앞세워 정·제계서 적극적인 로비는 물론 내정간섭을 일삼는다는 주장이 제기됐다.

호주 내 반 중국 감정은 증폭되는 추세다. 중국은 이에 인종차별적 행태며 억지 논리라는 입장이다.

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