Hugh Jackman Hinted that a Deadpool Crossover Movie Could Still Be Possible

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▲ [Photo source : Wikimedia Commons]

[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] What started as a joke through the entire Deadpool cinematic universe looks like it’s starting to hold true, as Hugh Jackman, who is the quintessential Wolverine, says in an interview that a Deadpool crossover movie is not completely impossible.

Express UK reports that through many requests, Ryan Reynolds, who is himself the quintessential Deadpool, had asked him to share the spotlight with him in a possible Wolverine-Deadpool movie, something that fans had often attributed to wishful thinking.

However, in a recent interview, Jackman said that the possibility is not entirely ruled out as plans surfaced just in time revealing that Marvel is bringing back Wolverine on the big screen. Jackman’s last film in the cinematic universe was last year, on the critically-acclaimed Logan, Jackman’s ninth film as X-Men’s Wolverine.

Jackman has said he was done with Wolverine, though, and this had been quite obvious in the bleak but hopeful Logan in which he was seen passing the torch somewhat and leaving the role. But during this time, when Deadpool 2 hit cinemas, Ryan Reynolds had only continued to draw his actor and friend out of retirement to star in a movie with him.

Jackman clarified in his People interview that while he is sure that there could still be hope for Reynolds’ coveted crossover, this time around, he probably won’t be the one sporting those adamantium claws.

The “Greatest Showman” star said, “He keeps coming back to me in all these ways, shapes and forms.”

Jackman also added that the reason a Wolverine-Deadpool movie might not make it into production was because he doesn’t think the world would be interested in it at all.

Reynolds also commented on the matter earlier, though, while on a panel at comic-con where a fan had asked him about the possible crossover.

Reynolds’ response had been vague enough to be interesting: “You never know.”

휴 잭맨, 영화 데드 풀 크로스 오버 속편 여전히 가능할 것이라고 암시

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 영화 울버린 주인공이었던 휴 잭맨은 인터뷰에서 데드풀과 크로스 오버 영화가 완전히 불가능하지 않다고 말하면서 농담으로 했던 것이 현실화되기 시작한 것처럼 보인다.

그러나 최근 인터뷰에서 그는 마블이 울버린을 대형 스크린에 복귀시키려는 계획들이 표면화되기 때문에 그 가능성이 완전히 배제되는 것은 아니라고 말했다.

휴 잭맨은 울버린과는 끝났다고 말했으며, 이것은 황량한 그러나 희망적인 영화 ‘로건’에서 분명히 드러났다. ‘데드풀2’에서 라이언 레이놀즈는 휴 잭맨이 은퇴한 현재 그와 함께 출연하기 위해 배우이자 친구를 그리는 장면은 계속되었다.

그는 피플의 인터뷰에서 레이놀즈가 열망하는 크로스 오버에 대한 희망이 있음을 확신하지만, 이번에는 아마도 그는 울버린 발톱은 자랑하지 않을 것이라고 했다.

또한, 울버린-데드풀 영화가 제작에 실패할 수 있는 이유는 전 세계가 전혀 관심이 없을 수 있기 때문이라고 덧붙였다.

레이놀즈는 앞서 한 팬이 그에게 크로스 오버 가능성에 대해 물어본 코믹콘에서 이 문제에 대해 언급한 적이 있다.

그의 반응은 모호하여 아주 흥미로웠다.

[저작권자ⓒ 스페셜경제. 무단전재-재배포 금지]

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