Prince Charles’ Charity Partner Allegedly Linked to Russian Offshore Company Networks

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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Ruben Vardanyan, an oligarch who owns Troika Dialog, a Moscow investment bank that Prince Charles had worked with on charity, is now linked to a massive network of Russian offshore companies that has been accused of moving billions out of Russia.

As reported by the BBC, the international investigation has so far “exposed how the network received money from companies linked to major fraud.” It’s perhaps even more disconcerting that Prince Charles’ Charities Foundation is also in the middle of the mess, since it had worked with Troika Dialog between 2009 and 2011.

According to the report, Prince Charles’ charity foundation had allegedly managed to receive a total of three payments that totaled up to $202,000 pocketed in a now-defunct bank in Lithuania. The money was traced to have come from a company called Quantus Division Ltd., which is now found to be “part of a network of offshore companies that sent billions of dollars out of Russia.”

Even as Prince Charles did his background check on Vardanyan’s donations and came up with no red flags, the recent investigations revealed otherwise. As the BBC went on, the investigation actually puts Vardanyan and Troika Dialog in the middle of the conspiracy, since the network was supposedly managed by Vardanyan himself.

Since 2005 to 2011, leaked records revealed that the offshore companies had already managed to move about €3.35bn within the offshore companies. The leaks originated from the Lithuanian bank Ukio Bancas which had already been dealt with by Lithuanian authorities back in 2013 for presumably this reason.

“The Troika network of companies was set up as a service for clients, many of them members of Russia's elite, to move money around the world for both business and personal use,” the report went on to say.

英 찰스 왕세자 자선재단, 불투명한 자금 유입.."있는 사람이 더 해"

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 영국 찰스 왕세자가 운영하는 자선재단이 돈세탁 논란에 휘말렸다.

러시아로부터 유럽과 미국 쪽으로 거액의 현금을 흘러가게 한 역외기업의 불투명한 자금을 재단이 기부금으로 받았다는 것이다.

보스니아-헤르체고비나의 사라예보에 본부를 둔 국제 독립 탐사매체 컨소시엄인 '조직범죄와 부패 보도 프로젝트'(OCCRP)는 리투아니아 온라인 매체와 함께 130만 건의 은행 거래 자료를 입수했다고 밝혔다.

가디언에 따르면 OCCRP는 이 자료 분석을 통해 러시아인이 운영하는 70개의 역외기업 네트워크로부터 유럽과 미국에 46억 달러(5조 2,000억 원)가 송금된 것으로 추정했다.

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