Domino’s Victorious in Pizza Wars Amid Disappointing Revenue

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▲ [Photo source : Fortune]

[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Domino's pizza chain is still ahead in the pizza wars, despite its recent stock posting showing the companies worst performance in over a year following its earnings reports and even if the field grows to be more crowded.

Foodservice industry consultants Technomic stated that Domino's maintains its position as the market leader in the quick-service pizza industry, followed by Pizza Hut in second place, private company Little Caesars in third, and Papa John's in fourth.

The leading pizza chain is moving away from the trend of restaurants losing market shares, according to CNBC. The business news website stated that Domino's is still advancing its market share as it posts same-store sales numbers that leave the industry in the dust.

It reported a growth of 5.6 percent in the fourth quarter for its same-store sales in the United States, although it failed to meet analysts growth expectations of 6.9 percent. The pizza chain said its expansion strategy and a change into calendar plans, which pushed its sales on New Year's Eve to the current quarter, affected its same-store sales in the previous period. But analysts are still optimistic even though Domino's fell short on estimates for its local same-store sales.

"While disappointed with the results, we note that Domino's has experienced similar slowdowns in the past (a year ago, as noted) and has managed to reaccelerate comps through various means (new technology, menu items, clever advertising) and this quarter doesn't change that view," according to BTIG analyst Peter Saleh's statement in a research note.

The recent selloff left company shares bruised, but it still rose 12 percent over the past year with the stock market valued at $10.5 billion.

Pizza Hut, a company under Yum Brands, saw an advance in its domestic store sales by at least 1 percent during its fourth quarter, while Papa John's dropped by almost 27 percent over the past year as it struggles to bring back customers due to public scandals involving founder John Schnatter.

성장 속도 저하에도 불구하고 업계 1위를 지켜내는 '도미노 피자'..2위는 피자헛

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 도미노 피자는 최근 계속되는 최악의 실적에도 불구하고 피자 체인점 중에서는 단독 선두를 지켜내고 있다. 2위는 피자헛, 3위는 리틀 시저, 4위는 파파존스 순이다.

도미노는 애널리스틀의 성장 기대치인 6.9%를 충족시키지 못했지만 미국 내 매장 판매 4분기 성장률은 5.6%를 기록했다. 더불어 도미노는 신메뉴 개발, 효율적인 광고 등을 통해 성장 속도 저하에도 불구하고 재개에 성공했다.

최근에는 주식 매각으로 지난해 105 억 달러에 비해 12 %가 상승했다.

[저작권자ⓒ 스페셜경제. 무단전재-재배포 금지]

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