Huawei Exec Files Lawsuit Against Canada over December Arrest

김동수 기자 / 기사승인 : 2019-07-15 16:51:59
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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] The legal representatives for Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou have filed a civil lawsuit against the Canadian government, its border department, and federal police on accusations that their client was arrested, searched, and interrogated for three hours in a breach of the executive's constitutional rights.

Filed in the British Columbia Supreme Court on Friday, the lawsuit stated that the manner in which authorities acquired evidence and information from Meng, the daughter of Huawei's founder, was found to have severely violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The CFO's lawyers added that officers of the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) intentionally delayed the urgent execution of a warrant of arrest and unlawfully put Meng in detention, under search, and into the interrogation process to obtain evidence from her prior to her arrest, Reuters reported.

Furthermore, the complaint also said that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police—Canada's federal police—only executed its arrest warrant thee hours following the executive's "unlawful" detention at the airport. The lawsuit further claimed that Meng was instructed to turn over all her electronic devices, computers, and passwords, adding that CBSA officers unlawfully accessed and viewed the contents of the surrendered devices in violation of Meng's right to privacy—along with the CBSA officers allegedly searching her luggage.

“The CBSA Officers knew or were recklessly indifferent to the fact that they had no authority to conduct such a search, which search was performed under the false pretense of a routine customs or immigration-related examination,” the lawsuit stated.

According to Reuters, the Canadian government apprehended Meng in Vancouver last December at the request of the United States. The US made charges against the CFO and China's Huawei Technologies Co that portrayed the tech firm as a threat to the country's national security. Meng was accused of being involved in bank and wire fraud to breach American sanctions imposed against Iran.

中에서 사형 선고받은 캐나다인 2명..무슨 이유로 사형까지?

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 중국 광둥성 장먼시 중급인민 법원은 약물 제조 및 판매 혐의로 기소된 캐나다인의 피고에게 사형 판결을 내렸다.

캐나다 정부가 통신 장비 업체 화웨이 간부를 체포한 지난해 12월 이후 중국에서 사형 판결을 받은 캐나다인은 2명이 됐다.

중국 법원에 따르면 캐나다 사람 외에도 미국인 1명, 멕시코인 4명을 포함한 11명의 피고는 광둥성 타이산시의 약물 제조 거점에서 각성제 약 63kg을 제조 및 판매하기도 했다.

[저작권자ⓒ 스페셜경제. 무단전재-재배포 금지]

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