Ariana’s Biggest Year Ever And How She Managed To Survive It

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▲ [Photo source : Wikimedia Commons]

[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] To say that Ariana Grande had a rough 2018 is an understatement if there was any.

She’d had to cancel some shows off her tour after a bombing -- and then held a concert afterwards to raise money for the survivors and their families. A year after that, in 2018, she was bombarded with issues of all kinds that it was impossible to think about Ariana for a second without thinking about some sort of issue connected to her.

It’s amazing how she got back to her feet stronger than ever, as Celebrity Insider put it, and managed to get through the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend, her near-engagement to comedian Pete Davidson, and some subsequent clashes with TV personality Piers Morgan over Twitter.

So how did she do it? How did this 25-year-old talented singer get past these rough patches? She shares that at the heart of her struggles, she “keeps her friends close and always has her friends around.”

If post-Sweetener is any indication, then that means that Ariana Grande is doing well for herself after the breakup with Pete Davidson, during which time she released a hit song that immediately became the hit breakup song of the season--if only because it is widely different from the usual vengeful breakup songs.

An insider who shared to US Weekly about the coping that Ariana has had to do in the past year said that Ariana knows that that there was always going to be bad days whether she liked it or not, but that bad things will eventually “get better.”

Right now, Ariana is on her way to making yet more music after the stunning success of her “Thank U, Next” track. Her recent offering had been the beloved “imagine”, while she has begun teasing her new single over Instagram and Twitter entitled “7 Rings”, a song she wrote while she had been ring shopping with her bestfriends at Tiffany’s.


팝가수 아리아나 그란데, 다사다난 했던 2018년 분투기

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 미국 팝가수 아리아나 그란데의 2018년은 각종 사건 사고로 점철돼 있었다. 

아리아나는 콘서트 도중 폭탄 테러에 휘말렸고 전 남자 친구가 비극적으로 사망한 소식을 감당해야 했다. 

25살의 재능있는 가수가 어떻게 이런 힘든 시기를 이겨냈을까? 그는 “친구를 가깝게 유지하고 항상 친구들과 공유한다”라고 말했다.

‘포스트 스위너’는 아리아나는 피트 데이비슨과 헤어진 후 자신을 위해 잘 지내고 있음을 의미한다. 그 기간 동안 그녀는 시즌의 히트곡을 발표했다. 일반적인 복수 이별 노래와는 크게 다르다.

그가 지난 1년 동안 겪어야 했던 대처에 대해 US 위클리와 공유했던 한 관계자는 아리아나는 좋든 싫든 항상 나쁜 날은 있을 걸 알고 있지만, 결국 나쁜 일은 ' 나아질 것'이라고 말했다고 한다.

현재 아리아나는“Thank U, Next” 트랙의 놀라운 성공에 이어 더 많은 음악을 만들어 가고 있다. 최근 발매되는 앨범은 "imagine"이었으며 인스타그램과 트위터를 통해 새로운 싱글을 선보이기 시작했다. 수록곡 중 "7 Rings"은 티파니에서 가장 친한 친구와 반지 쇼핑을 하면서 쓴 노래이다.

[저작권자ⓒ 스페셜경제. 무단전재-재배포 금지]

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