Nicole Kidman Says She Is Not A Celebrity But More of a 'Niche' Star

김동수 / 기사승인 : 2019-11-18 16:34:49
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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] Nicole Kidman has made her career as an A-list celebrity starring in many great films of our generation, but she claims that she is not a celebrity, but what more, as her husband Keith Urban also says, is a “far more niche” presence within Hollywood.

Daily Mail reports that Kidman cleared up this nomenclature of her in an Allure interview, where the 51-year-old Australian declined to consider herself a celebrity. Kidman said that she should not be considered as such because she considered herself to simply be an actor.

She also mentioned another A-list personality, Grammy-award winning singer Beyoncé, and said compared to Beyoncé, she was not even a movie star. It’s a humble declaration, considering Kidman herself is widely considered as a seasoned actress holding an Oscar, two Emmys, and a couple of Golden Globes awards.

Kidman also refuted when the Allure reporter called her a movie star, which is once again contradictory to her flawless performances over the past years that had made her one of Hollywood’s “most coveted leading ladies.”

The ‘niche’ star also opened up about her tireless work ethic that even sent her to the hospital on one occasion, after she found out that she had 102 fever. This was during the time she was filming “Destroyer,” and “The Hours”, two upcoming films that have yet to be announced for release.

Now, the star will also come back on the big screen with a big splash, as she eventually plays the mother of outcast Aquaman in the new Aquaman movie coming in December. The role was really fascinating for her because she said that her and husband Keith Urban were actually very fond of water, adding that their love of water has been the reason that they had a beach house where they could “take dips in the ocean.”

“We're Australian, both of us, so water is very therapeutic. We have a beach house, and we will get up in the morning before we have breakfast, and we'll go in the ocean,” Kidman explained.

니콜 키드먼, 자신은 유명인이 아닌 '틈새 스타'에 가깝다

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 할리우드 배우 니콜 키드먼은 우리 세대의 많은 위대한 영화에서 주연을 맡은 A급 유명인사로 경력을 쌓았지만, 그러나 그녀는 자신이 유명인사가 아니라고 주장하고, 그녀의 남편 키스 어반도 말했듯이, 할리우드는 훨씬 더 많은 틈새시장을 형성하고 있다.

데일리 메일에 따르면 키드먼은 얼루어 인터뷰에서 51세의 자신을 유명인사로 칭하는 것을 거부해 명칭을 정리했다고 보도했다. 그녀는 자신이 단순히 배우라고 생각했기 때문이라고 했다.

그녀는 또, 그래미어워드의 수상 가수 비욘세를 거론하며 비욘세와 비교했을 때 자신은 영화배우도 아니었다고 말했다. 키드먼 자신이 오스카상, 에미상 2개, 골든 글로브상 2개를 거머쥔 노련한 여배우로 널리 여겨지고 있는 점을 고려하면 겸손한 선언이다.

키드먼은 얼루어 기자가 그녀를 영화배우라고 부르자 반박했는데, 지난 몇 년 동안 그녀를 할리우드의 "가장 탐나는 주연 여배우들"로 만들었던 그녀의 행보와는 다시 한번 모순된다.

영화 ‘아쿠아맨’에서 버림받은 아쿠아맨의 어머니를 연기하면서 그녀는 큰 화면으로 다시 돌아왔다. 그녀와 남편 어반은 실제로 물을 매우 좋아해 사랑은 그들이 바다에서 물놀이할 수 있는 “비치 하우스”가 있는 이유라고 덧붙였다.

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