Yemeni Port City Caught in Civil War Skirmish; UAE to Send Aid
Yemeni Port City Caught in Civil War Skirmish; UAE to Send Aid
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[Photo source : Wiki]
[Photo source : Wiki]

[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim]The Yemeni Civil War has taken its way to the port city of Hodeida, US News reports, as the Sunni Saudi Arabia-led coalition of Arab states attempted to retake the city from the Houthis who belong to the Shi'a sect of Islam.

Following the conflict, international rights group Human Rights Watch called on the United Nations Security Council to issue a statement that would include sanctions to the belligerent members of the conflict should they fail to secure civilian access to humanitarian aid needed. It is noted that the country is one step closer to famine, and may suffer more casualties if the parties would not practice caution.

Emirati Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash told US News through social media platform Twitter on Friday that the recapture of Hodeida by the Sunni coalition would mean the loss of strategic command for the Houthis, remarking that if the Houthis keep Hodeida and its resources, the war, as well as the suffering of the Yemeni people, might take a long time. Recent updates show the Saudi-led coalition, who supports the Yemeni government-in-exile in Riyadh, are within meters from the Hodeida international airport, as told by Al-Arabiya, the Saudi government network, and the Associated Press to US News.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, through the Red Crescent, has observed a steady increase of Houthi resistance fighters in Hodeida despite the recapturing efforts of the Saudi-led troops. As the committee observed, the streets of the city are almost empty, with residents fearing for a long siege, stocking up on food and fuel. Hospitals could not function to the fullest due to the lack of electricity and generators to run its facilities. In addition, casualties are also piling up, with neither side confirming the death toll that has been largely due to landmines and roadside bombs disguised as rocks and sacks.

While the Houthis are purportedly sustained by Iran and its allies, the Saudi-led coalition sought support from the United States. Three Emirati requests were turned down by the United States in the past 24 hours and were only relieved when the French agreed to support the effort in lieu of the United States.

With this, Abu Dhabi has begun sending 13,500 tons of food and aid, supported by 10 ships, and three flights of aid to the port for the Saudi-led alliance, the port being open and operational as of the moment.

예멘 남북 전쟁 확산..난민 보호 지원 필요

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자]美뉴스가 최근 예멘 남북 전쟁이 호데이다 항구 도시까지 확산됐다고 밝혔다.

국제 인권 단체 '휴먼 라이츠 워치 (Human Rights Watch)'는 "유엔 안전 보장 이사회에 필요한 인도적 지원에 대한 민간인 접근을 확보하지 못하면 전쟁에 참전한 교전국에 대한 제재를 포함하는 성명서를 발표해야 한다"고 촉구했다. 

아랍에미리트(UAE) 안와르 가가시 외무장관은 "수니파 연대에 의한 호데이다 탈환은 전략 명령의 상실을 의미한다"며 "최근 예루살렘에 있는 예멘 망명 정부를 지지하는 사우디 주도 연합군이 호데이다 국제 공항에서 수 미터 내에 있다"고 언급했다.

한편, 남·북 예멘 간 통일과정이 본격으로 구체화되기 시작한 것은 지난 1988년 북예멘 대통령 살레와 남예멘의 사회당 사무총장 바이드(Bidh) 간 두 차례에 걸친 정상회담부터다. 남북 예멘의 통일은 지난 1990년 5월 22일 선포됐으나, 지도자 간 통일원칙 합의에 불과했다.

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