From Telecommunications to Basketball: AT&T HR VP Cynthia Marshall is Dallas Mavericks' new CEO
From Telecommunications to Basketball: AT&T HR VP Cynthia Marshall is Dallas Mavericks' new CEO
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[Photo source : Flickr]
[Photo source : Flickr]

[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim]Sports Illustrated exposed a spree of harassment allegations against former Dallas Mavericks team president and CEO Terdema Ussery and two domestic violence cases featuring former team reporter Earl K. Sneed, an expose that has caught the ire of former AT&T chief diversity officer and human resources vice president Cynthia Marshall.

Sneed was relieved from his post before the publication of Sports Illustrated's story, while human resources director Buddy Pittman was suspended.

On February 26, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban introduced Marshall as the team's new CEO. It was recalled that Cuban sought Marshall's services through the recommendations delivered by AT&T executives.

Marshall went straight to business by expressing her desire to transform the 2011 NBA Champions to become a model on how to respond to such exposes that have been happening all over the country, a sentiment shared by Cuban.

Aol mentioned that an independent probe, a cultural metamorphosis, and operational effectiveness will be the main focus of her tenure as the team's new CEO. On top of that, Marshall is set to implement zero tolerance towards such incidents.

With regard to an independent probe, former prosecutor Evan Krutoy and former New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram the process has begun last week. All team employees and former employees willing to help with the probe are being invited for interviews. Marshall explained that the said interviews' purpose is to guarantee that all issues and allegations will be presented and addressed accordingly. She guaranteed that a meticulous investigation will be exercised in dealing with allegations and the prescribed disciplinary actions will be administered quickly.

NBA팀 달라스 매버릭스 전직 CEO, 성추행 연루로 사직 

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자]스포츠 미디어 프랜차이즈인 스포츠 일러스트레이티드(Sports Illustrated)는 미국 NBA팀 달라스 매버릭스(Dallas Mavericks)의 전직 CEO였던 테데마 유세리(Terdema Ussery)가 성폭력 혐의로 사임했다고 발표했다.

팀 기자 스니드 또한 같은 혐의에 연루되면서 스포츠 일러스트레이티드에서 기사를 발표하기 전 사임했다. 한편 달러스 마브릭스의 인적 자원 감독 버디 피트만(Buddy Pittman)은 직무정지 징계를 받았다

이에 달라스 매버릭스의 소유주인 마크 쿠반(Mark Cuban)은 전직 AT&T 출신이며 인적자원 담당 부사장 출신 신시아 마셜(Cynthia Marshall)이 팀의 새로운 CEO가 됐다고 2월 26일 소개했다.

마셜은 이런 성폭행 문제에 대해 관용은 없다는 것을 보여 줄 전망이다. 마셜은 2011년 NBA 챔피언이었던 매버릭스가 이러한 사태에 대해 어떻게 대처하는지 본보기가 되는 팀으로 만들고 싶다고 밝혔다. 쿠반도 이에 대해 공감을 표시했다.

또한 마셜은 세밀한 수사가 진행될 것이고 혐의와 징계 조치 등은 신속히 처리할 것임을 보장한다고 밝혔다.

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